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Lecture: Histoire de l’art des manuscrits médiévaux (in French)

As part of Rendez-vous culturels
  • When : Tuesday 20 February 2018 from 19:00 to 20:30
  • Where : At the library (490 Mercille Avenue)
  • Cost : Free

Registration required

For adults

Illuminated manuscripts, which fall into the categories of both religious and secular art, are among the most refined artworks of the Middle Ages. Passionate about illumination and the story of medieval manuscripts, master illuminator and speaker Sylvie David Poirier teaches and shares her knowledge about this art. She offers an illuminating iconographic panorama of Middle Ages manuscripts. A history spanning over 1,000 years: that of the birth of the book and of illustration. 

Reserve your place as of Tuesday, January 9, by coming to the library in person or calling 450-466-3910.

This activity is made possible thanks to financial support from the Friends of the Library Foundation.