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Following the compilation of the ballots, the members of City council for 2017-2021 are:

  • Pierre Brodeur, mayor
  • Francis Le Chatelier, councillor for District 1
  • Philippe Glorieux, councillor for District 2
  • Bernard Rodrigue, councillor for District 3
  • Julie Bourgoin, councillor for District 4
  • Loïc Blancquaert, councillor for District 5
  • Brigitte Marcotte, ccouncillor for District 6
  • David Bowles, councillor for District 7 (elected by acclamation)
  • France Désaulniers, councillor for District 8

The official declaration of candidates will take place on November 11 at the earliest, following the period allowed to request a recount or a new compilation of the votes.

The table below presents the details of the results:

MairiePierre BRODEUR3 13538.7%← 1 471
Alain DÉPATIE82210.1%
Marc EDWARDS1 66420.5%
Dominique LEBEAU1 52118.8%
Jean-Pierre ROY7359.1%
Martin SMITH2312.8%
District 1Jean BOUCHARD30238.9%
Francis LE CHATELIER47561.1%← 173
District 2Sami CHALHOUB47246.5%
Philippe GLORIEUX54253.5%← 70
District 3Boris CHASSAGNE43444.7%
Bernard RODRIGUE53655.3%← 102
District 4Julie BOURGOIN64268.9%← 438
Michel CARRIER869.2%
Claude FUGÈRE20421.9%
District 5Loïc BLANCQUAERT29532.5%← 24
Noelle FRASER22524.8%
Pierre SÉNÉCAL27129.8%
Gabriela STAMATE11813.0%
District 6Hugues LÉTOURNEAU37832.6%
Brigitte MARCOTTE41035.3%← 32
Liette MICHAUD37332.1%
District 7David BOWLES---Elected by acclamation
District 8Eric BÉLANGER-FINN27126.3%
Martin CROTEAU26425.6%
France DÉSAULNIERS49748.2%← 226
Participation rate48.21%