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The City of Saint-Lambert is asking the population for its collaboration to assist snow removal operations

Thursday 11 January 2018

The City of Saint-Lambert would like to assure citizens that its snow-removal crews are making every possible effort to clear the roads within the municipality. This essential service takes priority, and the City has a snow removal policy to ensure the service is as efficient as possible.

The start of 2018 was marked by continuous precipitation falling as snow, which dropped a total of 25 cm of snow on the ground by January 8. These heavy and regular snowfalls made managing snow removal operations more complicated for the City, as new accumulations occurred in the middle of equipment runs, which meant having to continually start the process over again.   

However, other situations also contributed to slowing down the work and hindering with the movement of the snow-removal crews, which had a negative impact on the quality of the service. First, cars were left in the street during the day and at night, forcing snow clearing vehicles to work around them, resulting in a significant volume of snow being left on the road and on the sidewalks.

Not only that, but it is sometimes impossible for the snow removal vehicles to move at all in certain areas when too many cars are parked on the road; those streets simply do not get cleared. Therefore, to ensure it can deliver a quick and effective snow-clearing service, the City of Saint-Lambert is asking citizens to collaborate by parking in their driveways during snowstorms and for several days following.

In addition, the city would like to remind citizens and private snow contractors that it is forbidden to deposit snow in the road, as it hampers the work of snow-removal crews. 

Lastly, the City of Saint-Lambert received many complaints concerning snow clearing of the bus shelters and would like to inform citizens that this is the responsibility of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil. The RTL can be contacted directly at 450 463-0131.