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The second edition of the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum promises beautiful discoveries for visitors!

Friday 19 May 2017

Joined by the organizing committee, some of the exhibiting artists and a large number of residents, Mayor Alain Dépatie inaugurated the second edition of the Open Air Museum project.

Mayor Dépatie began by stating, “We are extremely proud of this cultural achievement, especially as it is perfectly aligned with the areas of development stated in our recent cultural policy. Your enthusiasm during the launch of the Open Air Museum last year encouraged us to expand it and make it even more spectacular this year.”

For this second edition, the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum is adding 13 new works, bringing to 29 the total number of pieces in the collection. Many of these promise exciting new discoveries for visitors.

Productive collaborations

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with a number of prestigious organizations this year. Their participation has allowed us to enhance the Open Air Museum’s collection by offering a new showcase to artists who are popular among the general public. We extend our warmest thanks to them for participating,” said Mayor Dépatie.

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal is presenting a work of Vik Muniz from its permanent collection. The Galerie Simon Blais also responded to our call enthusiastically with an offer of works by the well-known artists Marcelle Ferron, Serge Lemoyne, Jean McEwen, Guido Molinari and Françoise Sullivan.

Finally, La Foire d’art contemporain (La FAC) de Saint-Lambert is a cultural event that has significantly contributed to the municipality’s cultural vitality for the last eight years. The decision to reserve a wall for them was only natural. La FAC selected a work by artist André Dubois, who won the Prix du public in 2013 and 2015.

Saint-Lambert artist and emerging artist

To encourage local artists and emerging artists in general, a specific call for proposals was targeted to them. This has resulted in the addition of two most interesting works by Carole Simard-Laflamme and Chloé Beaulac respectively.

Exclusive work

A private collector has generously submitted a work by Marc Séguin to enrich the Museum’s collection. The City of Saint-Lambert is delighted with this acquisition, which visitors will not be able to view anywhere else.

Cultural mediation

Making art accessible is one of the goals of the Open Air Museum. The City of Saint-Lambert wanted to take this objective even further, so it organized a cultural mediation activity. Geared to young students at École Saint-Anges, the activity allowed them to experiment with the creative process by working on a collective artwork accompanied by artist Dominique Payette.

“The cultural mediation projects support the democratization of art by making it more accessible to the community. Activities such as the one held as part of the Open Air Museum foster exchanges between citizens and the arts community, thereby broadening their knowledge and interests. This type of cultural action also has the advantage of allowing us to attain many of the goals set out in our action plan as well as making Saint-Lambert a community thriving in cultural development,noted Marie-Josée Benoit, Director of the Library Services, Arts and Culture Office.

A founding project

The Open Air Museum opens new cultural horizons for the municipality. It also allows the city to raise its profile in the greater Montreal area by developing a unique concept that’s in step with current artistic trends and also offered free of charge. 

“The Open Air Museum is a citizens’ initiative that is widely appreciated among the city’s residents, businesses and educational institutions. It paves the way for other new cultural initiatives, injects colour into our identity and communicates the beauty of our city to other regions. This outdoor museum is not only a showcase for the artists but also a collective and unifying project. It reaches beyond the material aspects of the undertaking. Art is transformed into a tourist arts tour, an instrument for commercial development, and also provides moments of pause for the soul and the eyes. The Open Air Museum is a positive and distinctive element in our city,” said municipal councillor Boris Chassagne.


The Open Air Museum is the result of extensive planning and the concerted effort of a diverse and solid team of organizers.

“I would like to congratulate Councillor Boris Chassagne, spokesperson for the project at City Council, and the entire organizing committee, headed by the Library Services, Arts and Culture Office, for their professional work. I also wish to thank the building owners who recognized the project’s potential and generously lent us a wall. I would also like to acknowledge the generous collaboration of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Galerie Simon Blais, La Foire d’art contemporain de Saint-Lambert and a private collector,” said Mr. Dépatie.

To discover the collection of works, the artists and complete project details, go to the Open Air Museum page.

Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum

Let us recall that the Open Air Museum was created in 2016, offering visitors a chance to view, at its inauguration, a collection of 16 artworks reproduced in a large format and displayed on various buildings around the city. Its goal is to contribute to enriching the city’s cultural profile while contributing to the beautification of the municipality through urban art. New works will be added every year to enhance the collection.

Beyond this objective, the project provides professional Canadian artists with an exceptional showcase that offers them the opportunity to promote the visibility of their works to the public. The entire collection of artworks will be on display in public areas for several years. 

Photo officielle Musée à ciel ouvert