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Oeuvre d'Alex Colville dans le cadre du Musée à ciel ouvert

Launched by the City of Saint-Lambert in 2016, the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum project takes us on an urban touristic arts circuit. 

Visitors are invited to tour the entire city to admire large-format works of art displayed on public and private buildings. The diverse collection consists of pieces from emerging, contemporary and internationally renowned painters and photographers.

The goal of the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum is to make art accessible to everyone by putting it on display where all the population can enjoy it. This urban art project not only offers the public a chance to discover beautiful works of art but also contributes to embellishing the municipality.

Saint-Lambert is transformed into an outdoor gallery, with the walls of the city serving as exhibition spaces.

In spring 2017, the City added 13 new works to the collection, bringing the total number of works being displayed as part of this major exhibition to 29. Discover these new works now: