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Renovation project description

The renovation project is designed to enhance and optimize services and spaces in order to better meet library users’ needs and reflect current trends. At an estimated cost of $2.3M, the work will be carried out over a period of five to six months between mid-January and mid-June.

August 17, 2017 | If all continues as planned, the library will reopen on October 16. To know more, consult the Latest news section. 

Including the costs related to professional services, temporary relocation of the library, new equipment (RFID chips, self-service loan and returns terminals, etc.), the layout of the various spaces and furniture, the project represents an estimated total investment of $3.5 million.

The library modernization project is made possible due to financial aid in the amount of $1.2M from the Friends of the Library Foundation, which received a generous estate bequest in 2013 and wanted to invest it in this project. 

Main steps in the project

The main steps leading to the renovation of the library are:

  • Initial preparations for the library move: October 31
  • Closure of the library: December 16
  • Opening of the temporary service outlet: December 22
  • Preparation of the work site: mid-December to mid-January
  • Beginning of the work : mid-January
  • Reopening of the library: June-July 2017

Planned improvements 

Since there is not enough land to enlarge the library, the renovation project will involve redeveloping the inside of the building to maximize the space available.

The aim will be to offer library users a number of bright, modern spaces in keeping with the concept of the “third place/space” conducive to get-togethers, relaxation and amazing discoveries.

The “third place” (or “third space”) concept relates to people’s social surroundings. It refers to a special place, after the home (“first place”) and workplace (“second place”), where people socialize and find fulfilment.

Projections d'amélioration pour la rénovation de la bibliothèque

1) Spaces for activities and discoveries

A multi-purpose room on the second floor will accommodate a variety of activities such as lectures, book club meetings, meetings with authors, and introductory sessions on digital reading.

In the basement, the youth section will include a new area designed especially for teens and teen tastes.

2) Open, luminous, user-friendly… and playful architecture

The Green Street side of the library will be replaced by a wall made entirely of glass so that users can enjoy natural light in the reading and consultation spaces.

A new space designed especially for seniors will also be created. It will feature large-print books, talking books and comfortable reading chairs.

The number of reading and consultation spaces will be increased to meet growing citizen demand. 

3) Better showcasing of the library holdings

The inside restructuring of the library will allow for a more attractive presentation of the library holdings and make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. 

4) A technologically advanced and connected library

The library is adapting to current trends by offering users the possibility of borrowing and returning documents on a self-service basis. This means no more waiting at the check-out desks. It will also free up staff currently stationed at these desks to devote more time to customer service and to advising users. 

5) Upgraded or replaced mechanical and electrical systems

Upgrades to the current mechanical and electrical systems will ensure a more comfortable environment for users. 

The benefits of the project

The renovations will offer users many new benefits:

  • Self-service loans and returns: Residents will be able to borrow and return documents on their own, which means no more waiting at the check-out desks. This will also free up staff currently stationed at these desks to devote more time to customer service and to advising users.
  • Something for everyone: There will be specially designed spaces tailored to the needs and tastes of each age group, along with a number of shared, modern, high-quality services.
  • Inviting spaces: The library will become a much warmer and more welcoming place by offering spaces for relaxing and working.