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The City of Saint-Lambert is responsible for maintaining and repairing the roads on its territory. It performs street sweeping, minor paving work, snow removal, signage maintenance, and pavement marking operations. 

It also regulates a few aspects pertaining to the use of roads to ensure the safety of all those who use them.

NOTICE | December 29, 2017
Protect your water intake valve from freezing

During the long cold snaps, some water intake valves can froze. It appears that the configuration of the underground infrastructure makes some streets particularly sensitive to this phenomenon.

If your street is at risk, you will receive a notice from the City. Currently, the streets at risk are:
- Merton Avenue
- Elm Avenue

As a preventive measure, you can leave a small trickle of cold water running from one of your taps until the spring or until further notice. This simple remedy will prevent your water intake valve from freezing and will save you a lot of headaches.

Questions? For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Public Works Office at 450 466-3690 or