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Rehabilitation of Riverside Drive (phase 4)

In 2012, the City began a major project to rehabilitate Riverside Drive, the longest artery in Saint-Lambert. The work is being spread over several years. To know more about this large-scale project, consult the Riverside Drive project description page.

Work will resume in the fall of 2016, with the reconstruction of Riverside Drive between De Bretagne Street and D’Anjou Avenue. This phase of the work, including the first course of asphalt, should take place over a period of 90 days, from September to the end of November. The second course of asphalt and the landscaping will be carried out in spring 2017. 

The work is slated to start on September 6.

The dates indicated are approximate, as many factors, including weather conditions, can have an impact on how long projects take to complete.

Map of rehabilitation of Riverside Drive – phase 4Traffic

To help motorists get around during the Riverside roadwork project, a detour lane will be set up. We recommend following the signs that will be installed soon, which will indicate the best detour for vehicles. This detour lane will be open for the duration of the work.

For residents of the Préville-en-bas district, the De Bretagne Street intersection will remain open throughout the work. If the contractor must for some reason close it temporarily, a temporary exit route will be set up through the park as an extension of De Lombardie Avenue. 

Temporary addition of a crossing guard

The detour lane set up for the duration of the Riverside Drive roadwork may result in a slight increase in traffic in the area around École Préville. In order to ensure the safety of students, the City has decided to temporarily add a crossing guard at the intersection of Du Béarn and De Charente. 


Many of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) buses travel along the entire length or a section of Riverside Drive. For the duration of the work, alternate bus routes will be set up for lines 13, 37 and 55. You can consult the RTL's website for more details. 

The RTL will also install temporary signs informing users of any changes to the usual Riverside Drive bus routes. 

For more information, you can call the RTL’s customer service department at 450 463-0131 from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., as well as on weekends and holidays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

Special land development

The City may decide to take advantage of the presence of equipment during the roadwork to extend the noise reduction berm between De Bretagne Park and Highway 132. A few trees, some of which are diseased or already dead, would be felled to make way for this land development, which would contribute to the residents’ quality of life. The berm will be landscaped and trees will be planted in this sector. 

Pedestrian safety  

During the reconstruction work, the City of Saint-Lambert will set up an enhanced surveillance system.

However, we must urge parents to inform their children of the potential danger associated with such major work and to watch out for the safety of the children in their neighbourhood. 

Questions on the site… ?

We are well aware of the inconveniences caused by such large-scale work. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Vasco Morgado will be on the site at all times and will do everything possible to help you deal with small problems caused by the infrastructure work. Mr. Morgado is a Municipal Engineering Technician in the Engineering Department and will be the person to speak to for the duration of the project. If you wish to reach him, please call 514 290-1424.

Stay informed!

The information you’ll find in this section of the website will be continually updated. We invite you to check this page often for reports on the progress of work.


2017-05-19 - Reopening of the street
The coat of paving and the permanent road marking on Riverside Drive are now done. The street is therefore reopened. 

2017-04-28 - End of the work
The contractor will be back starting on May 8 to apply the second coat of paving and the permanent road marking, and to finish up the landscaping on Riverside Drive.

For a period of roughly two weeks during this work, the street will be completely closed to traffic and the same detour route as last year will be in effect. To make getting around easier, we recommend following the detour signs that will be installed soon. We will let you know when the road reopens. 

2017-03-02 – The work continues
The contractor will be back in mid-May to do the second coat of paving and the permanent road marking, and to finish up the landscaping. For a period of roughly two weeks during this work, the street will be completely closed to traffic and the same detour route as last year will be in effect.

2016-01-27 - Street lights to get power 
Yesterday, Hydro-Québec informed us that they are ready to supply power to the new street lights. The lights will therefore be operational within the next few days. We had been eagerly awaiting this news, as it will ensure the safety of pedestrians along this section of road. We thank you for the patience you have shown throughout the roadwork project.

Next spring, crews will return to lay the second course of asphalt and to complete the landscaping and permanent road markings, which will officially mark the conclusion of the rehabilitation of the street.

2016-11-23 - Buses will soon be returning to their regular routes
If all goes according to schedule, buses will return to their regular routes starting December 5. 

2016-11-22 - The site is drawing to a close!
The rehabilitation of Riverside Drive has gone very well and the work is almost completed. Presently, the contractor’s crew is working on the landscaping bordering the road. If the rate of progress is maintained, the road will reopen to traffic by December 2 at the latest. All that will remain will be the installation of lampposts around the end of December.

Next spring, the crew will return to lay the second course of asphalt and apply the permanent road markings.

2016-10-12 - Working outside normal hours 
The contractor will continue the roadwork on Riverside Street from October 12 to 14 until 9 p.m. to install two large-diameter sewers. This major installation job requires working outside normal hours because it has be completed within a maximum turnaround time of 72 hours. Thank you for your understanding.
2016-09-09 - Beginning of the works
The fourth phase of the rehabilitation of Riverside Drive began on September 6. The detour route that was set up is working effectively and ensures the smooth flow of traffic in the neighbourhood. The contractors have prepared the surface and will soon be laying the water and sewer mains.
2016-08-26 - Information session 
An information session will take place on August 31 at 7 p.m. at City Hall to explain the project and its impacts on the lives of area residents.201