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Rehabilitation of Saint-Charles Avenue

This summer, the City of Saint-Lambert will undertake the rehabilitation of Saint-Charles Avenue. The work is slated to take place from the end of July to the end of November.

The work will affect the section of Saint-Charles Avenue situated between the recreation centre parking lot and Saint-George Street, and will also include Henry and Lemoyne avenues. The City will take advantage of this opportunity to replace the sewer pipes and water mains that cross Lespérance Park, prior to the park’s complete renovation.

Inspections conducted last year by cameras in the sewer networks revealed their very poor condition (cracks, displaced joints, holes, leaks, etc.), resulting in the need to undertake this work in the short term. 

The dates indicated are approximate, as many factors, including weather conditions, can have an impact on how long the work takes to complete. 

Carte des travauxTraffic

To help you get around during the reconstruction work, a detour route will be set up. We recommend following the signs that will be installed soon, indicating the route to take. This detour will be in place for the duration of the work. Local traffic will be permitted and access to businesses and industrial facilities will also be possible throughout the project. 

Access to residences

While excavation work to replace water mains and rebuild the sidewalks is taking place in front of your house, it will be temporarily impossible for you to access your home by car. As a general rule, this work should take a few working days. The rest of the time, local traffic access will be provided for residents affected by the roadwork. To get prepared for this roadwork, consult the Practical information on roadworks page.

Special land development

As part of the project, the roadway geometry will be restructured with a view to improving the layout of Saint-Charles Avenue to include a green strip and new lighting the length of the street, thus enhancing the quality of the environment.

Temporary closure of the recreation centre parking lot 

The recreation centre parking lot will be closed for a few weeks from the beginning of August to the end of September, due to a major overhaul of the parking lot. Modifications to traffic in the surrounding streets will be made to create more parking on the street and close to the recreation centre. 

Pedestrian safety

During the work, the City of Saint-Lambert will set up an enhanced surveillance system around the perimeter of the worksite. However, we must urge parents to inform their children of the potential danger associated with such major work and to watch out for the safety of the children in their neighbourhood.

Questions on the worksite?

We are well aware of the inconveniences caused by such large-scale work. We welcome any comments you might have and, above all, we hope to keep you fully informed.

Vasco Morgado will be on the worksite at all times, and he will do everything he can to help you deal with the small problems caused by the work. Mr. Morgado is a technician in the Engineering Department and will be the person to speak to for the duration of the project. You can reach him at 514 290-1424.

Stay informed!

The information in this page will be continually updated. We invite you to check it regularly for reports on the progress of work.


2017-08-11 - Beginning of phase 2
On Monday, August 14, work will begin on Saint-Charles Avenue between Mercier and Du Golf streets. The road will therefore be completely closed to traffic. Local access signs will be in place for area residents, who will have access to their property at all times. A detour will be set up for motorists. Due to the roadwork, on-street parking will no longer be allowed the entire length of Saint-Charles Avenue starting on Monday.

Starting on Tuesday, August 15, work will continue with the pulverisation of the asphalt on Saint-Charles Avenue between Mercier Street and Henry Avenue. The asphalt on Henry Avenue will also be pulverized. After that, the infrastructure work will begin at the intersection of Oak Avenue and Mercier Street and proceed towards Du Golf Street. We will keep you updated as the work progresses.

If you have any questions on the worksite, we invite you to contact Vasco Morgado at 514 290-1424.

2017-07-07 - Start of work
Work will begin on July 10 at the intersection of Walnut and Lespérance. The intersection will be completely closed to traffic for about 10 days. Local access signs will be in place for area residents, who will have access to their property at all times.

The work will then continue through Lespérance Park for several weeks. Regular activities in the park (play structures, wading pool, tennis, lawn bowling, community gardens, etc.) will not be directly affected by the work and will be able to be enjoyed as usual. However, some inconveniences, such as noise and dust, are expected. The contractor will do everything possible to minimize them. We thank park users in advance for their understanding.

According to the schedule, the work will not reach Saint-Charles Avenue and the adjacent streets before mid-August, so no road closures are expected before this time. We will keep you informed of the progress of the work. 

2017-04-12 - Presentation of the project
You can watch (or watch again) the PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the information meeting on April 12. It contains a host of information on the project.
2017-04-06 - Information session
The City of Saint-Lambert is inviting you to an information session on the rehabilitation of Saint-Charles Avenue, to explain in detail the scope of the upcoming work and to prepare you for the impact it will have on your daily life.