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Road resurfacing

The paving work has been completed for the year 2017. Watch this page for the streets that will be repaved during the year 2018.

Starting at the end of summer, certain roads in the municipality that are particularly damaged will be resurfaced.

The duration of this work is very short and will not necessitate the complete closure of any street. Signs indicating the sections that are closed to traffic will follow the work as it progresses. 

For a few hours during the work and until the asphalt has hardened, you will not have access to your driveway. If conditions are favourable, your access will be restored by the end of the day. The City will notify you directly a few days before the work begins to allow you to make other arrangements, if necessary. 

Signs installed on site will indicate when the newly resurfaced section of road will be open to traffic. 

The streets and bike paths affected by this work are:

StreetsDate of work
To be determined...To be determined...

Resurfacing is, in fact, a temporary solution while awaiting the complete and in-depth reconstruction of these roads. Work of this magnitude would cost more than $5 million and would last for several weeks. In light of the current budget, the work carried out this year, at a cost of $200,000, was much more realistic and achievable in the short term. Resurfacing improves ride comfort and extends the life of the pavement. 

Why these streets rather than others?

For budgetary reasons, the choice of which roads to repave is taken following a thorough analysis of the territory on the basis of identified priorities and locations that are deemed the most critical. 


For more information about this roadwork, contact Christian Chan-Ying, at the Engineering Department, at 450 466-3889, extension 3359, or at