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Sidewalk and curb repairs

Due to financial problems, the contractor for the sidewalks and curbs repairs interrupted the work without notice. The delay caused by this situation does not allow us to complete the work this year.

Be assured that the rest of the work will be done in the spring of 2018. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Over the summer, crews will be out repairing damaged sections of sidewalks and curbs throughout the municipality. This is very short-term work that should not affect traffic. 

However, if this repair work must be done on the sidewalk or curb in front of your residence, it is possible that you may not be able to access your driveway for a few days. If this is the case, the City will notify you directly. 

The first wave of work to be undertaken will begin on July 10. The list of locations that are scheduled for repair work are indicated below. All the projects in this list will be completed within a 1-month period.

Sidewalk repairs

StreetNearest civic addressStreetNearest civic address
Alexandra395, 456, 465-471 and 568Prince-Arthur41
Argyle20-28Putney180 and 279
Bedford174Queen581, 665, 775, 868, 896 and 897
Berkley410Régent193 and 321
Birch and VictoriaAt the corner of the streetsRivermere172, 206 and 244
Birch365, 519-521 and 605 Riverside17, 155 and 349
Bolton40, 126, 144 and 246Rothesay479
Closse820SimardIn front of Préville Park
D'AlsaceGasgogne to Poitou*Stanley175
D'Isère872Saint-Thomas306 and 320
Houde 711Tiffin169
Kerr1567Upper Eddison222 and 386
Lespérance280-282, 360 and 77WalnutBetween Green and Desaulniers
MercierAt the intersection of Mercille AvenueWalnut200, 445 and 484
Notre-Dame538WickhamAt the corner of Alexandra Street
Oak307, 532, 902 and 950Wickham560

Curb repairs

StreetNearest civic addressStreetNearest civic address
Achin260-266 Montrose249
Charente111 and 115Mosselle90
D’Isère609-611Normandie102 and 111 
Jura254Picardie134 and 136 
Languedoc101 and 107Pyrénées 208

*Sidewalk between De Gascogne and Du Poitou streets 
Despite what is indicated on the municipality’s website, the rehabilitation of the sidewalk between De Gascogne and Du Poitou streets will not take place this year. The City of Saint-Lambert wants to evaluate the present condition of the sewer main before undertaking work on a new sidewalk. The sewer main will, therefore, be inspected this fall and, depending on its condition, the City will decide on the exact nature of the work that needs to be done in this location. 

Citizens will be kept informed on this page.